Elevoc Clear

Unrivaled noise cancellation for calls, music, and entertainment

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The most powerful noise cancelling earbuds ever


Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound

Elevoc Clear detects noise from your environment and adapts immediately. It can actively silence your surroundings, using dynamic drivers to emit reverse noise-cancelling sound waves. With just a tap, you can block out the noises and focus on the sound you want to hear.


Environmental Noise Cancellation for clear calls

Elevoc Clear’s left and right earbuds feature 3 microphones and next-generation voice accelerometers. These pickups combined with Elevoc’s leading Vocplus™ algorithm enable Elevoc Clear to deliver amazing voice capturing and processing, effectively suppressing background noise and elevating your voice.

Vocplus™ AI Solution

World’s first deep learning-based algorithm for voice capturing

Award-winning noise cancelling technology

Vocplus™, our AI noise cancellation solution. Based on Deep Neural Network and Computational Auditory Scene Analysis, this technology captures human voices across 360 degrees by separating them from the surrounding noise in real time.

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Immerse yourself in sound

Elevoc Clear’s 10mm dynamic drivers deliver an ultimate listening experience, with balanced frequencies and nuanced, pleasant surround-sound bass. For all your audio-visual entertainment, immerse yourself in amazing sound.
10 mm dynamic drivers

secur fit for your comfort

Secure fit for your comfort

Made with ultra-soft silicone, Elevoc Clear ear tips effortlessly conform to the shape of your ears, greatly improving sound quality and wearability. Choose between 6 different sizes to find the perfect fit for your ears, achieve the perfect seal, and take your audio quality to another level.