Elevoc raises over $355K USD for its new TWS product Elevoc Clear, one of the most powerful call noise cancelling earbuds ever

Elevoc is a leading global AI-powered audio solution provider that has recently launched its first consumer electronic product Elevoc Clear on the crowdfunding platforms Indiegogo and Makuake for the new business venture. In its crowdfunding campaigns for Elevoc Clear, Elevoc has successfully raised over $355,000 US dollars and featured on the Top 3 Homepage Carousel Banner product and the Top 10 Cool & Clever Finds on Indiegogo. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was supported by 2,943 individual backers who helped the business venture reach over $42,000 US dollars within the first 24 hours. Today, almost 4,600 Elevoc Clear earbuds have been delivered to the backers from more than 70 regions and countries. Elevoc is completely changing the way of communication, which helps people hear and be heard with unprecedented clarity.

What’s the difference between Elevoc Clear and other noise-canceling earbuds? Most wireless earbuds feature active noise cancellation without the commitment to call noise cancellation, which is particularly beneficial to give you the clearest calls even in the nosiest environment. Elevoc Clear, an AI-powered noise-canceling earbud, is specially engineered to detect and isolate human voice and deliver crystal clear calls in noisy environments. By leveraging Elevoc’s unique Vocplus algorithm with an innovative 6-mic system and two bone conduction sensors design, Elevoc Clear can effectively eliminate more than 100,000 kinds of background noises including surrounding human noise, and instantaneously deliver outstanding call quality and excellent noise isolation. Whether you’re working from home, walking around the office, or just in and out of meetings, your friends, clients, and colleagues will only hear your voice wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. 

“We’ve been in the technology space for years developing tech for well-known semiconductors and hardware leaders like Qualcomm, Intel, Lenovo, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and more. But more and more we realized that if we wanted to deliver communication quality, clarity, and privacy at the level we wanted, we’d have to get closer to clients and identify what they really need. That’s what we set out to do with Elevoc Clear earbuds.” said Eric Miao, Founder/CEO of Elevoc. With the dramatically increasing in working remotely and e-learning during the post-pandemic era, people tend to use various VoIP platforms and video conferencing to stay engaged among colleagues/clients or students/teachers while working or studying from home. Elevoc is innovatively creating the advanced headset products with the most cutting-edge call noise-canceling technology pursuing for excellence endlessly. Elevoc has committed to fulfilling end users’ needs from both the industry-leading technical field and the new generation consumer product field at the same time.  

About Elevoc
Elevoc was founded in 2017 in Shenzhen, China. As a leading machine-hearing solution provider, Elevoc proudly delivers CASA (Computational Auditory Scene Analysis) and DL (Deep Learning) based speech enhancement and voice interaction solutions. These solutions are adaptable to a wide range of products such as smartphones, headphones, wearables, laptops, VoIP, automotive, and smart home devices.Elevoc has forged partnerships with well-known semiconductors including Qualcomm, Intel, arm, CEVA, Cirrus Logic, Infineon, Rockchip, BES, etc., and successfully served customers including Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Lenovo, Motorola, ZTE, Edifier, DiDi, OnePlus, Nubia, Black Shark, Hytera, Cheetah Mobile, 51Talk, etc.For more information, please visit Elevoc online at: www.elehear.com or email contact@elevoc.com. Connect via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elevoc.