Warranty Policy

This Elevoc after-sales policy only applies to Elevoc terminal products that you purchase for personal use rather than for resale.

A. Service Target: headset products purchased directly from Elevoc’s official online store

B. Warranty Period


Warranty Period


Full range of headset products

15 months

From the date of receipt


C. Apply for Warranty Service

If the product has a performance failure during the effective warranty period, you may apply for product warranty service.


You may request our warranty service:

√ The self-purchased product has been used normally within the specified product warranty period and has a non-man-made performance failure;

√ The failure is caused by other non-man-made reason without unauthorized disassembly;

√ The valid proof of purchase, invoice and warranty card have been provided.


Warranty Service will not be provided where:

× Damages caused by non-manufacturing factors;

× Damages caused by unauthorized dismantling, shell opening or other similar behavior not under the guidance of official manual;

× Damages caused by the repair of assembly parts by customer in the absence of official instructions;

× Damages caused by circuit modification not under the guidance of official manual or by improper matching and use of battery pack and charger;

× Indication of product serial number, factory label and other signs being torn or altered.


Other Instructions

√ If the consignee address provided by the customer is wrong or if the recipient refuses to receive the goods, the loss arising therefrom shall be borne by the customer.

√ If you requests for delivery of products across country/region, the consent shall be obtained from Elevoc, and the tariffs, customs clearance costs and other expenses shall be borne by you.

√ Before delivery of the product, you are required to properly dispose of the personalized items and decorations attached to the original product (including but not limited to product decorative stickers, paint spraying, etc.), and Elevoc shall not be liable for the damage to or loss of any personalized item or decoration.

√ In order to ensure your normal rights and interests, you are recommended to check whether the product is in good condition (whether there is any damage caused by logistics or other reasons) when signing for the goods. In case of any abnormality in the product, you are required to provide feedback to us within 7 days from the date of receipt; otherwise, you will be deemed as having confirmed that the product is not damaged and its performance is normal.